Essential ASP.NET With Examples in C#


Автор: Fritz Onion
-1 стр. 3801 г. выпуска

The Microsoft .NET Framework is exactly what its name implies: A general system onto which a lot of application-specific technologies are stuck. Essential ASP.NET With Examples in C# assumes you know something about the .NET way of doing things, and want to know more about how you can use its ASP.NET facet to implement robust and stylish Web applications. Fritz Onion, in a manner typical of this series, introduces key ASP.NET concepts logically, and with lots of code listings that make it clear how the concepts should be translated into reality. The truth be told, Onion excels at combining conceptual information with practical examples. This is unusual among writers of technical books, who tend to be good at (at best) one or the other. Typically, the author approaches a capability of ASP.NET--validation of submitted form data, say--by presenting a quick summary of the problem and then attacking it (or components of it) with code. The code segments (which tend not to be too...... (more comming soon)

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