ASP.NET: Manuales Users, en Espanol / Spanish (Manuales Users)

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ASP.NET representa, sin dudas, un nuevo paradigma del que ningun desarrollador web puede quedar fuera. Desde pequenos portales de noticias, sitios de venta online y comunidades, hasta desarrollos para celulares o PDAs, todo es posible con esta herramienta. Con soporte para multiples lenguajes, compilacion de codigo y orientacion total a objetos, es la solucion mas integral, simple y clara desarrollada hasta la actualidad. Este libro es la oportunidad mas clara que tiene de acercarse a esta nueva tecnologia. Con el, descubrira los fundamentos del lenguaje ASP.NET, su funcionamiento y su interaccion con el mundo HTML, y encontrara todo lo necesario para introducirse en el mundo de ASP.NET: los requerimientos para comenzar a trabajar, las herramientas disponibles (gratuitas y comerciales) y todas las claves de este renovado entorno de desarrollo. Para quienes todavia quieran mas, se analizan diversas......

Building Solutions with Microsoft Commerce Server 2002

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Learn how to use Microsoft® Commerce Server 2002, Microsoft Content Management Server 2002, and Microsoft Application Center to build a comprehensive, secure e-commerce solution....

E-Commerce: Business, Technology, Society

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Book DescriptionThis book provides an overview of the current and next generations of e-commerce. The book emphasizes the three major driving forces behind e-commerce: technology change, business development, and social controversies. Each of these driving forces is represented in every chapter, and together they provide a coherent conceptual framework for understanding e-commerce. The result is a realistic treatment of a very diverse subject that is aimed specifically at readers interested in business concepts, IS/IT developments, and computer science applications. It is written by an author team with extensive teaching, writing, and business experience. This book offers in-depth coverage of concepts in technology, the Internet, economics, marketing, IS/IT, accounting, privacy, intellectual property, equity, and governance. Its unifying conceptual framework built around the themes of business, technology, and society helps readers make sense out of the development of this field. The......

Oracle Silver Bullets: Real-World Oracle Performance Secrets

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Targeted at Oracle professionals who need fast and accurate working examples of complex issues, Oracle In-focus books target specific areas of Oracle technology in a concise manner. Plenty of working code is provided without a lot oftheory, allowing database managers to solve their problems quickly without reviewing data that they already know. All code scripts are available for instant download from a companion web site....

Effective Oracle Database 10g Security by Design

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Book DescriptionOracle security expert David Knox explains how to design and develop an integrated, secure Oracle environment. “In my experience in the security world, including 32 years at the Central Intelligence Agency, I’ve not found anyone with more experience in the theory and practice of protecting your data than David Knox.” --Dave Carey, former Executive Director of the CIA...

ASP.NET 1.1 Insider Solutions

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Book Description As an old saying goes, "it's not what you know, it's who you know." You know what ASP.NET is and you know how to develop websites using it. But what you don't know is who to go to for solutions, tips and tricks to using ASP.NET. That is why Sams has assembled a team of authors who are ASP.NET experts to bring you ASP.NET 1.1 Insider Solutions. Draw upon the experience and knowledge of these authors to discover the best practices, tips and tricks, workarounds, undocumented information and creative ways to use the ASP.NET technology. Insider Solutions will address common and not-so-common programming concerns as well, covering everything from application design to security. A meeting of minds as tremendous as these who authored this book is rare-don't miss out on your opportunity to learn from the best! Download DescriptionThis is a series that is reserved for a few select authors. They must have countless hours spent with the technologies and have access to......

Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4 (J2EE 1.4) Bible

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Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is the specification that all enterprise Java developers need to build multi-tier applications, and also the basis for BEA's WebLogic Application Server and IBM's WebSphere; Revised to be current with the significant J2EE 1.4 update that will drive substantial developer interest; Written by a top-selling team of eleven experts who provide unique and substantial business examples in a vendor-neutral format, making the information applicable to various application servers; Covers patterns, J2EE application servers, frameworks, Ant, and continuous availability; Includes extensive intermediate and advanced coverage of J2EE APIs; Companion Web site provides additional examples and information....

Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus

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Book Description SQL is the ANSI-standard language for accessing and manipulating relational databases. Anyone (programmers, administrators, or designers) who work with a relational databases need to understand the SQL language. While most books on themarket do not properly cover the basics, this book differs: it explains fundamentals in detail, supported by realistic examples.You will gain full competence to define, access, and manipulate data in an Oracle database. This book is an effective tool for you to write effective SQL for the Oracle database. The text is fully compliant with the latest version of the ANSI SQL standard, and fully update for the Oracle 10g database. This book is a translation of popular Netherlands college text(currently in its third edition). Author Lex de Haan is highly experienced with the Oracle database, and has twenty-five years of teaching experience. de Haan is also a member of the ANSI/ISO SQL standardization national body....

Oracle Application Server 10g: J2EE Deployment and Administration

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This book is based on the very latest version of Oracle's fully J2EE-certified Application Server (previously called Oracle9iAS). Oracle Corp. is aggressively attacking this market with a new lost-cost version of the server and a program to move BEA customers onto Oracle free of charge. Adoption interest is growing rapidly amidst favorable reports regarding performance and reliability. Deploying J2EE applications and configuring the application server are known to be the most tricky and non-standard elements of J2EE development, and thus they receive scant attention in general J2EE texts. This book provides a focused, no-frills guide to getting J2EE applications up and running on 10G. It covers Oracle's J2EE container, OC4J (available for free for development purposes), in full detail and then moves on to explain how to configure and use the various enterprise-level features that come with the commercial editions....

Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition (Beginning from Novice to Professional)

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Book Description PostgreSQL is one of the world’s most popular Open Source relational database systems. It is renowned for its wide range of capabilities, and its ability to perform functions not available in other databases. The forthcoming release of PostgreSQL 8.0 in late 2004/early 2005 will include major revisions, such as Win32 Native Support, and this book will provide the tools for anyone making the transition or learning about PostgreSQL for the first time. This book introduces readers to many of the most prominent features, simultaneously introducing key relational database design and management principles that will help the novice reader effectively manage their data-driven application. Over 150 pages of coverage is devoted to the most popular PostgreSQL APIs, including PHP, Perl, Java and C. Users of all levels will appreciate the 50 pages of condensed reference material covering PostgreSQL data types, syntax, the psql client, and large object......