Web Mining: Applications and Techniques

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Book DescriptionWeb Mining is moving the World Wide Web toward a more useful environment in which users can quickly and easily find the information they need. Web Mining uses document content, hyperlink structure, and usage statistics to assist users in meeting their needed information. This book provides a record of current research and practical applications in Web searching. It includes techniques that will improve the utilization of the Web by the design of Web sites, as well as the design and application of search agents. This book presents research and related applications in a manner that encourages additional work toward improving the reduction of information overflow, which is so common today in Web search results....

Mobile Commerce and Wireless Computing Systems

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Book DescriptionAs content delivery over wireless devices becomes faster and more secure, it is thought that mobile commerce (m-commerce) will overtake tethered e-commerce as the medium of choice for digital commerce transactions. As well as the obvious effect on financial services (mobile banking), telecommunications, and retail and information services (such as video delivery of sports results) it is also likely to have a profound effect on the way a wide variety of businesses arrange for people to meet and interact. This book explores the theory and practice of both the technical and business domains of m-commerce, particularly wireless networking and mobile commerce applications, as well as discussing the 'what, why and how' of m-commerce. The book starts by covering the theoretical underpinning of the subject, before going on to put the theory into practice, covering the technologies, approaches, applications and design issues....

Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce IV. Designing Mechanisms and Systems : AAMAS 2002 Workshop on Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce, Bologna, Italy, July ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

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Book Description This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce, AMEC 2002, held in Bologna, Italy in July 2002 during the AAMAS 2002 conference. The 20 revised full papers presented together with an introductory survey by the volume editors were carefully selected and improved during two rounds of reviewing and revision. The book gives a unique overview of the state of the art of designing mechanisms and systemsfor agent-mediated e-commerce- The papers are organized in topical sections on electronic auctions, negotiations, and electronic markets....

The 2nd Digital Revolution (IT Solutions) (IT Solutions series)

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Book Description Communicating the essence of business technology management in ways seldom discussed in public, this book looks at how to optimize relationships that have been driven more by sellers than buyers, and more by hype than substance. The IT profession is at a unique flash point in history where there are serious problems—high project failure rate, remnants of the dot com crash, and persistently low capital IT spending—and major opportunities....

Essentials for Design XHTML- Level 1 (Essentials for Design)

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Global Purchasing and Supply Management : Fulfill the Vision

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Book Description The book's unique perspective serves to address both theory and practice, making it an essential volume for various professionals and practitioners. -Professional managers and buyers: The newly appointed manager from another business function will find this is the only management book that completely covers the disciplines of purchasing and supply management. -Practitioners: Use this book as a buyer's handbook, a reference and "how to" manual with easy access to a myriad of contemporary supply management topics.-Consultants and information technology experts: Gain greater insight into the processes and techniques used in the field by reviewing the "nuts and bolts" approach to the fundamental supply management processes in a global context. -Students of purchasing and supply management or marketing: Find practical material for learning the tasks of global purchasing in the real world. The vision presented by the authors contains management......

Open Process Frameworks : Patterns for the Adaptive e-Enterprise (Emerging Technologies)

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Book DescriptionPraise for Open Process Frameworks "From a customer experience standpoint, this conceptual approach to business design is a winner!" -Patricia Seybold, coauthor of Customers.com and The Customer Revolution "Marca illustrates . . . how the Internet can be used to create adaptive enterprises that dynamically change their processes, their rules, and their workers as their needs continually change. This book gives an enlightening glimpse of dramatic business opportunities now open to us." -Tom Malone, PhD, Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management "Marca's Open Process Frameworks presents the essential business architecture to enable corporate adaptability in the twenty-first century . . . Every executive, manager, architect, process engineer, and project manager in every company should read this book." -Bill Welch, Vice President of Administration, CDI Corporation ......

Cyberjustice : Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for E-Commerce

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Book DescriptionThis interactive and informative book provides a concise, easy-to-understand overview of the cutting edge field of online dispute resolution (ODR), using the familiar frequently asked questions format. It examines the ODR options that reflect the speed and convenience of the Web. KEY TOPICS Chapter topics cover E-Commerce Disputes and the Global Web; Understanding Online Dispute Resolution; Online Negotiation, mediation, and arbitration; Online Jury Proceedings; Online Dispute Resolution System Design; and the future of ODR. For online technical and business professionals?such as computer science and information technology managers, dispute or conflict resolution professionals, customer relations managers, contracts managers, purchasing managers, Web masters, online service providers (OSPs), e-commerce entrepreneurs, and attorneys advising e-businesses....

IBM On Demand Technology Made Simple : Understanding the IBM On Demand Business Strategy and Underlying Products (MaxFacts Guidebook series)

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Book Description This MaxFacts Guidebook describes the three components of IBM's new On Demand business model so IT professionals can see the big picture and understand how their businesses can benefit. Pros will come away with a new understanding ofhow to evolve a current computing infrastructure to achieve the flexibility vital to the emerging On Demand business world. Provided is an overview of key building-block product lines such as IBM eServer systems, TotalStorage, Infoprint printers, WebSphere, DB2, Tivoli, and Linux. The methods for learning how autonomic computing can help infrastructures automatically sense and respond to changing conditions so that things keep running smoothly are demonstrated, and virtualization techniques that can be leveraged to improve utilization and reduce costs are discussed in detail. The evolution of infrastructure toward the goal of end-to-end integration by leveraging hardware and software that adheres to open standards is also covered. ......

Inter-Organizational Trust for Business-to-Business E-commerce

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Book DescriptionBased on an in-depth research study, this book provides an avenue for managers and researchers to explore, examine, and describe interorganizational trust relationships in e-commerce participation. Identified are trust behaviors in business relationships as they relate to e-commerce. In comparing their own organization with those researched, managers can then examine their own and their trading partners' trust behaviors....