Complete Idiot's Guide To Online Shopping (The Complete Idiot's Guide)

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Amazon.comOnce upon a time, buying stuff on the Internet was easy. Once you were satisfied that your personal information was adequately protected by encryption and other security technologies, all you had to do was find what you wanted and submit your credit card details. You can still do that, but the Internet now boasts a myriad of ways for you to get stuff you want. The number of facilities for selling your own goods to others is exploding too. Preston Gralla explains all of this in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Shopping , providing you with the background knowledge you need to buy and sell things on the Web; explaining such concepts as Dutch auctions and electronic coupons; and intelligently combining the capabilities of commercial sites, such as the numerous online automobile dealers, with free resources such as government crash-test numbers. He also shows how to milk Usenet newsgroups and consumer sites for commentary and buying advice. A large part of this......

E-Commerce Security: Advice from Experts (IT Solutions series)

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Book DescriptionThe e-commerce revolution has allowed many organizations around the world to become more effective and efficient in managing their resources. Through the use of e-commerce many businesses can now cut the cost of doing business with their customers in a speed that could only be imagined a decade ago. However, doing business on the Internet has opened up business to additional vulnerabilities and misuse. It has been estimated that the cost of misuse and criminal activities related to e-commerce now exceeds 10 billion dollars per year, and many experts predict that this number will increase in the future. E-Commerce Security: Advice from Experts provides insight and practical knowledge obtained from industry leaders regarding the overall successful management of e-commerce practices and solutions....

Engineering Global E-Commerce Sites (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems)

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Book Description"This book is a boon to technology professionals who are responsible for global integration projects. Faced with the mind-boggling complexities of standardizing global data, global processes and global e-commerce, even the most experienced professionals are often at a loss. James Bean has created an extraordinary compilation of standards information, and provided his insight on how to resolve complex integration problems. This book will benefit IT community at large, and I would encourageboth specialists and novices alike to bring this book into their personal libraries." -- Arka Mukherjee, Ph.D., CEO, Global IDs Inc. A practitioner's guide to developing global e-commerce sites, focusing on the design and engineering of Web forms for global data collection and alignment with widely recognized international standards, XML structures, and XML vocabularies. The author describes the globalization problem, identifies common design errors, provides a representative......

Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce

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Book DescriptionAddressing the special issues associated with the emergent technology of mobile commerce, this book collects the writings of 46 m-commerce or wireless communications experts from academia and industry. Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland,Germany, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States are represented in this collection. Topics include understanding the mobile consumer, wireless middleware, infrastructure, knowledge management, mobile banking, and the use of J2EE....

Knowledge Management

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Book DescriptionDemonstrating the principles of knowledge management, this book shows how KM and CRM technologies work and how they impact the IT infrastructure. Concepts such as team building and goal setting are presented in the form of exercises that help e-commerce professionals create KM/CRM projects. Also addressed is how to align e-business strategy and technology choices. This book serves as a guide to passing the EC-Council Knowledge Management Exam 212-69....

I Only Have ROIs for You

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Book DescriptionBusiness strategist Craig Settles doesn't give you all the answers. He gives you the right questions to ask so you find answers that best meet your business needs and objectives. His framework for brainstorming generates ideas for practical and affordable applications. A Web portal offers you additional on-going support for reaching your objectives. I Only Have ROIs for You is ideal for every executive and manager who wants to: - boost productivity and profitability; - streamline costs; - increase customer retention; - turn field service calls into sales opportunities; and - improve asset management This book benefits commercial, government and non-profit organizations of all sizes. You don't need a deep understanding of how the technology works; but you do need to understand how your people work. Once you build a good business case, experts can help you build or buy the right technology. Craig Settles walks your management team......

Information and Communications Technology for Competitive Intelligence

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Book DescriptionAddressing the need for information and communications technology (ICT) tools for competitive intelligence (CI) activities, this book covers conceptual issues such as the relation of strategy formulation, viability, and ICT. Also includedare practical guidelines for implementing ICT tools to monitor strategy, and case studies on Intranet usage for CI activities....

Building on Your AIX Investment : Moving Forward with IBM eServer pSeries in an On Demand World (MaxFacts Guidebook series)

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Book DescriptionFor anyone who uses IBM eServer pSeries, RS/6000 servers, or other UNIX servers, this book will help assess their own businesses or institutions to evaluate current states of e-business adoption. Where IBM is headed in terms of the futureof e-business is shown, and how to take full advantage of their on demand strategy in organizations is also addressed. Guidance on how to leverage an existing investment in AIX and UNIX computing infrastructure in the future is provided. A case study of the experiences of Toyota Australia as they move down the e-business on demand adoption path is also included....

Understanding Mobile Human-Computer Interaction, First Edition (Information Systems Series (ISS))

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Book DescriptionTaking a psychological perspective, this book examines the role of Human-Computer Interaction in the field of Information Systems research. The introductory section of the book covers the basic tenets of the HCI discipline, includinghow it developed and an overview of the various academic disciplines that contribute to HCI research. The second part of the book focuses on the application of HCI to Information Systems research, and reviews ways in which HCI techniques, methodologies and other research components have been used to date in the IS field. The third section of the book looks at the research areas where HCI has not yet been fully exploited in relation to IS, such as broadening user groups and user acceptance of technology. The final section of the book comprises of a set of guidelines for students to follow when undertaking an HCI based research project. * Offers a comprehensive insight into the social shaping of technology * Includes in depth......

Electronic Procurement Applications and Trends for the Food Service and Hospitality Industries

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Book DescriptionThis book is a two-part study examining how the electronic purchasing landscape has shifted in the last eighteen months. First, a survey of 1,550 chain-restaurant and hotel executives from the 2002 Directory of Chain Restaurant Operators was conducted. Twenty-one questions were posed to them including the following: What types of applications do you use to purchase electronically? How is your spending distributed? How much did you spend on deployment? Who installed your application? How much time did you spend on training? What features have you deployed? Are you satisfied with your application? Answers to these questions not only assist those looking to use purchasing applications but also those that are developing applications. By seeing how much people are willing to spend in both time and money, the application development industry can tune their product parameters to meet the demand. In addition to the survey, twenty-two applications were reviewed. Provided are......