Rea's Quick Access Outlook 98 (Quick Access Computer Reference Charts)

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Sams Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 Days

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The friendly, tutorial style of Sams Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 Days empowers you to create your own Active Server Pages quickly and easily. Using client-proven methods, and his award-winning advice to Web developers from around the world, ASP master Scott Mitchell provides you with an understanding of ASP and IIS fundamentals, and guides you through the use of VBScript and ASP's built-in objects, enabling you to create your own dynamic, database-driven Web solutions. You'll benefit from Scott's expert knowledge of topics including creating dynamic content, interacting with the user, reading and writing files on the Web server, creating personalized content with cookies, reading a database using ASP, and debugging your ASP scripts....

Essential ASP.NET With Examples in C#

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The Microsoft .NET Framework is exactly what its name implies: A general system onto which a lot of application-specific technologies are stuck. Essential ASP.NET With Examples in C# assumes you know something about the .NET way of doing things, and want to know more about how you can use its ASP.NET facet to implement robust and stylish Web applications. Fritz Onion, in a manner typical of this series, introduces key ASP.NET concepts logically, and with lots of code listings that make it clear how the concepts should be translated into reality. The truth be told, Onion excels at combining conceptual information with practical examples. This is unusual among writers of technical books, who tend to be good at (at best) one or the other. Typically, the author approaches a capability of ASP.NET--validation of submitted form data, say--by presenting a quick summary of the problem and then attacking it (or components of it) with code. The code segments (which tend not to be too......

Programming Microsoft ASP.NET

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More advanced than many other books on the subject, this title uses a task-based approach to craft a balanced presentation of the inner workings of ASP.NET technology and to provide extensive hands-on code examples. Programmers can plug these code examples into their own projects to learn the ins and outs of the technology and to build and deploy ready-made solutions quickly—making it the ideal comprehensive resource for developers who want to learn ASP.NET and start building ASP.NET-based applications right away....

Active Server® Pages Bible

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Everything you need to build dynamic Web sites with Active Server Pages is included in this comprehensive programming reference. Step-by-step tutorials and code examples from expert developer Eric Smith enable you to program and combine Web site applications to meet your specialized needs. With easy-to-follow steps and clear examples, Active Server Pages Bible is your key to unlocking the world of ASP by presenting the following topics: The essentials you need to better understand how ASP works with HTML Concepts of the VBScript language Web programming and how it differs from traditional client/server computing Integrating client/server computing with an ASP engine and making the most of its features Building commonly used applications that make it easier to publish data from a database Integrating ASP with other components, libraries, and tools like Index Server, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Transaction Server Developing an idea from concept to......


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Book Description The Information Security Dictionary provides complete and easy to read explanations of common security and infrastructure protection terms. Special attention is given to terms that most often prevent educated readers from understanding journal articles or books in cryptography, computer security, information systems, role-based access management and applied fields that build on those disciplines. Also included in the dictionary are terms that refer to computing forensics, malware attacks, privacy issues, system design, security auditing and vulnerability testing. This essential reference tool presents cutting-edge information on the most recent terms in use, in one concisely formatted volume. Similar to dictionaries for languages, statistics, epidemiology, and other disciplines, The Information Security Dictionary will be a valuable addition to the library of any IT professional and IT student. The......

The Case for Virtual Business Processes : Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiencies, and Focus on Your Core Business (Network Business Series)

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Reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and focus on your core business Leverage your technology infrastructure to save money and virtualize processes. Discover the principles behind BPV and the ways in which they can benefit your business. Benefit from incremental cost savings, maximizing your business' ROI. Learn from real-world case studies that illustrate best practices. Understand the solution-provider market, maximizing the impact of your investment. The dot-com collapse generally discredited the idea of leveraging the Internet to build viable businesses. Many market pundits have decried the concept without examining the underlying dynamics associated with these companies' failures. The truth is, prior business models were built on a flawed business case, not bad technology. In fact, the dot-com bubble created a whole new class of automation that, when applied to conventional businesses, can dramatically improve time to......

Hacking the Code: Auditor's Guide to Writing Secure Code for the Web

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More of a programmer's guide than a security guide, Hacking the Code explains how certain code can be attacked, shows how you should edit the code, and offers case studies and examples for doing so. The book establishes policies for object input, and shows how to audit existing code for potential security problems. People constantly ask security expert Mark Burnett for a guide to writing secure code. They don't want a course on security, they want to fix their code. This book is a practical guide on how to maintain session state, how to properly handle cookies, how to get user input, and more. Instead of just telling you how to do it, Burnett shows actual code that can be dropped right into your applications. This book covers almost all security issues known. Burnett has put hundreds of hours of research into his code audit database and is now making that available to you....

E-Commerce and M-Commerce Technologies: Innovation Through Communities of Practice

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E-Commerce and M-Commerce Technologies explores the emerging area of mobile commerce. The chapters in this book look specifically at the development of emerging technologies and their application in Internet commerce. From E-business to mobile database developments, this book offers a compilation of readings that are useful to individuals and organizations in the academic study and research surrounding mobile commerce as well as in the practical application of these technologies....

E-Business and Distributed Systems Handbook: Networks Module

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This module presents network services that transport the traffic between consumers, businesses, suppliers, government agencies, and various other players in an Internet environment. This is one module of an extensive handbook that systematically discusses how to translate e-business strategies to working solutions by using the latest distributed computing technologies. Chapters of this module discuss the following topics: a) physical network concepts, categories, and technologies; b) network architectures and interconnectivity devices that combine the physical networks into a large global network (the Internet); c) telecom business that includes bandwidth trading and network integration, among others; d) wireless and broadband networks that are being merged to form the Next Generation Networks; e) IP (Internet Protocol) networks and evolution of the current Internet into Next Generation Internet; and f) industrial use (state of the practice), commercial product development (state of......