Microsoft Reporting Services in Action (In Action series)

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Book Description Serving as a guide to the functionality provided by Reporting Services, this book teaches developers to add reporting to any Internet or web services-capable application, regardless of its targeted platform and development language. Following the report life cycle's logical path, the book explains how to author, manage, and run RS reports. Aimed at .NET developers who plan to fully utilize this product's features to add reporting capabilities to Windows Forms or web-based applications, this guide will also benefit developers who target other platforms but want to integrate their applications with RS because of its service-oriented architecture. The accompanying code samples are written in C# and Visual Studio .NET 2003 and many sample reports are included to demonstrate all aspects of report authoring....

ASP.NET 2.0 Demystified (Demystified)

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Book Description There’s no easier, faster, or more practical way to learn the really tough subjects ASP .NET 2.0 Demystified explains how to write server-side components for dynamic, interactive Web pages and powerful Web-based applications that are easy to develop and modify. This self-teaching guide comes complete with key points, background information, quizzes at the end of each chapter, and even a final exam. Simple enough for beginners but challenging enough for advanced students, this is a lively and entertaining brush-up, introductory text, or classroom supplement....

Access VBA Programming

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Book DescriptionTake a look at this great application of VBA and learn to expand the capabilities of Access with simple programming. Author Charles E. Brown shows you step-by-step how to create your own code, work with Object-Oriented Programming, and more. Plus, discover and utilize key programming concepts that can be applied beyond VBA....

Exploring Advanced Microsoft Office Access and Excel 2003

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Microsoft Access 2003 Database by Examples

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.NET Gotchas

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Book DescriptionLike most complex tasks, .NET programming is fraught with potential costly, and time-consuming hazards. The millions of Microsoft developers worldwide who create applications for the .NET platform can attest to that. Thankfully there's now a book that shows you how to avoid such costly and time-consuming mistakes. It's called .NET Gotchas. The ultimate guide for efficient, pain-free coding, .NET Gotchas from O'Reilly contains 75 common .NET programming pitfalls--and advice on how to work around them. It will help you steer away from those mistakes that cause application performance problems, or so taint code that it just doesn't work right. The book is organized into nine chapters, each focusing on those features andconstructs of the .NET platform that consistently baffle developers. Within each chapter are several "gotchas," with detailed examples, discussions, and guidelines for avoiding them. No doubt about it, when applied, these concise presentations of......

Enterprise Web Services Security (Internet Series)

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Book Description The use of Web Services for Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) transactions has created risks that expose critical assets to increasingly greater threats. Enterprise Web Services Security provides the information developers, application architects, and security professionals need to build security policies and strategies from the ground up in a Web Services environment. Most security books focus on computer or network security in isolation, relegating the other areas to overview chapters or appendices. A single-system view of security, however, is not adequate to describe a distributed Web Services-based environment as it causes the developer to have to piece together material from several resources in order to create secure Web sites and services. This book takes a holistic approach that mirrors the perspective developers need to take regardless of whether they are planning and implementing the security mechanisms for a Web Service, a Web site,......

Beginning Object-Oriented ASP.NET 2.0 with VB .NET: From Novice to Professional (Beginning: From Novice to Professional)

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Book Description Beginning Object-Oriented ASP.NET 2.0 with VB .NET covers all of the basics, from definition to inheritance. This book even includes a chapter on Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, enabling you to create ASP.NET 2.0 applications. Also included are chapters on creating web forms, web controls, and web services. Code samples illustrate the usage of each concept. If you have a background in procedural programming, this book will teach you what a class is, how it relates to an object, and how to model real-world data into a class. You will be able to create a class in VB .NET, add properties and methods, and use that class in a simple ASP.NET web application created with VB .NET....

How to Do Everything with eBay (How to Do Everything)

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Book DescriptionBest-selling author, Greg Holden, addresses everything a beginner needs to know to begin buying and selling on eBay, plus extensively covers intermediate- to advanced-level tips for the more experienced user. Get expert advice on bidding to win, how to sell for profit, and troubleshooting auction problems. Learn from detailed behind-the-scenes accounts of how auctions work on eBay, and profiles of successful eBay sellers who offer valuable advice based on their real-world experiences. Also included is a special insert on the “Weirdest, Wildest eBay Auctions Ever.” Specially designed to accommodate all user levels, this is the comprehensive eBay manual....

Expert Oracle PL/SQL

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Book DescriptionExperienced PL/SQL programmers and Oracle developers will learn to master Oracle's procedural extension to industry-standard SQL. Using this authoritative resource, readers will become experts at developing robust, high-performance enterprise applications with PL/SQL. Detailed examples describe the practical aspect of each feature, and provide ideas to the reader of how they can best exploit the functionality....