Программирование на основе Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

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Эта книга - подробное руководство для профессионалов-разработчиков приложений на ASP.NET, использующих новую модель программирования MVC (model - view - controller). В ней раскрыта философия модели MVC (с учетом новшеств MVC 3.0), ее особенности и преимущества по сравнению с моделью ASP.NET Web Forms. На многочисленных примерах детально описаны средства, позволяющие сделать приложения MVC надежными, эффективными и хорошо защищенными. Вы узнаете, как грамотно проектировать приложения, создавать классы-контроллеры и оптимальные представления. Книга состоит из 10 глав и предметного указателя, снабжена справочными таблицами, примерами кода и многочисленными иллюстрациями; она адресована тем, кто желает перейти на новую модель программирования ASP.NET MVC и намерен разобраться во всех тонкостях ее применения....

Программирование с использованием Microsoft ASP.NET 4

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Эта книга представляет собой наиболее полное руководство по Microsoft ASP.NET, полностью переработанное под версию ASP.NET 4. Вы узнаете обо всех возможностях данной технологии, в частности об использовании тем, мастеров и шаблонов страниц, применении динамических данных для построения и настройки веб-приложений, а также о работе с Microsoft Silverlight и ASP.NET MVC. Особое внимание уделяется рассмотрению внутренних механизмов и конфигурации ASP.NET, jQuery, AJAX и паттернов проектирования....

ASP.NET MVC in Action

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The MVC pattern is widely accepted as the best practice for web development and is at the core of Rails, Zend Framework, and other modern web dev tools. Microsoft's new ASP.NET MVC Framework offers a fully-supported way for developers to implement MVC in ASP.NET. ASP.NET MVC in Action is a comprehensive guide to MVC-based development for Microsoft ASP.NET developers. It offers a clearly-written introduction both to the ASP.NET MVC Framework and to the MVC approach. The focus is on creating real, maintainable web applications, guiding readers from first-use through real-life scenarios. ASP.NET MVC in Action shows readers how to test each piece of an ASP.NET application using the principles of test-driven development. This book assumes that readers know how to build a standard ASP.NET application and presents most examples in C#....

Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework

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Steven Sanderson has seen the ASP.NET MVC framework mature from the start, so his experience, combined with comprehensive coverage of all the new features, including those in the official MVC development toolkit, offers the clearest understanding of how this exciting new framework could improve your coding efficiencya??and you’ll gain invaluable up–to–date awareness of security, deployment, and interoperability challenges. The ASP.NET MVC Framework is the latest evolution of Microsoft’s ASP.NET web platform. It introduces a radically new high–productivity programming model that promotes cleaner code architecture, test–driven development, and powerful extensibility, combined with all the benefits of ASP.NET 3.5. An integral benefit of this book is that the core Model–View–Controller architectural concepts are not simply explained or discussed in isolation, but demonstrated in action. You’ll work through an extended tutorial to create a working e–commerce web application that......

Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns

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Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns will show you how to implement design patterns in real ASP.NET applications by introducing you to the basic OOP skills needed to understand and interpret design patterns. A sample application used throughout the book is an enterprise level ASP.NET website with multi-tiered, SOA design techniques that can be applied to your future ASP.NET projects. Read about each design pattern in detail, including how to interpret the UML design, how to implement it in ASP.NET, its importance for ASP.NET development, and how it’s integrated into the final project....

ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview (Firstpress)

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The ASP.NET MVC framework is the latest evolution of Microsoft’s ASP.NET web platform. It introduces a radically new high–productivity programming model, promotes cleaner code architecture, supports test–driven development, and provides powerful extensibiity, combined with all the benefits of ASP.NET 3.5. ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview is a first look at this technology’s main features, designed to give you a head start getting to grips with this powerful new technology. What you’ll learn A sold architectural background to ASP.NET MVC, including Model–View–Controller and REST concepts Who is this book for? This book is for web developers with a basic knowledge of ASP.NET and C#, who want, or need, to start using the new ASP.NET MVC fraework....

ASP.NET 3.5: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guide (Osborne Mcgraw Hill))

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Essential ASP.NET 3.5 Skills--Made Easy!Learn how to create database-driven ASP.NET 3.5 websites using C# 3.0. ASP.NET 3.5: A Beginner's Guide shows you just what you need to know to build rich Internet applications quickly and easily. You'll find details on Web controls, CSS, event handlers, validation, SQL, ADO.NET, data binding, text files, and security. Coverage of the latest technologies, such as LINQ and Ajax, is also included. All examples use Visual Studio 2008 to ease you through the learning process, and all the source code is displayed. Start building dynamic ASP.NET 3.5 Web applications today with help from this fast-paced tutorial.Designed for Easy Learning: Key Skills & Concepts--Lists of specific skills covered in the chapter Ask the Expert--Q&A sections filled with bonus information and helpful tips Try This--Hands-on exercises that show how to apply your skillsNotes--Extra information related to the topic being coveredTips--Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing......

Professional DotNetNuke 4: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET 2.0 (Programmer to Programmer)

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DotNetNuke is a powerful open source framework that creates and deploys robust modules on the ASP.NET platform. Written by its core team of developers, this book will provide you with the tools and insight you'll need to install, configure, and develop your own stunning Web applications using DotNetNuke 4. You'll first gain an inside look into the history of this project as well as the basic operations of a DotNetNuke portal. You'll then find detailed information on how the application is architected and how you can extend it by building modules and skins. With this information, you'll be able to complete projects such as commercial Web sites, corporate intranets and extranets, online publishing portals, and custom vertical applications. What you will learn from this book * The latest features and functionality of DotNetNuke 4 for ASP.NET 2.0 * The best way to install DotNetNuke on the server * Proven tips for managing and administering a DotNetNuke portal *......

Pro ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming

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This comprehensive reference book provides insights into practices that help reduce maintenance costs, decrease development time, and manage user perception....

ASP.NET 1.1 Solutions Toolkit

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Book Description ASP.NET 1.1 Solutions Toolkit is a collection of reusable ASP.NET components, all of which serve two purposes. First, the components may be used as they are (or with minor modifications) to add exciting features to your own ASP.NET websites. Second, each component's design and implementation is discussed, and you’ll discover tips and tricks applicable for developing your own controls....