Pro ASP.NET Web Forms Techniques, Second Edition

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You will discover the possibilities for developing user interfaces driven by ASP.NET. Author Alex Homer explores techniques and approaches to create attractive, full-featured, and easy-to-use websites and web pages. Further, these web pages will be interactive where appropriate, loosely based on real-world scenarios, and able to fulfill predefined requirements. This book provides what other books often skimp on: Homer concentrates on site requirement analysis, and design. Then he supports this by discussing site planning and mapping. This well-organized book prevents you from developing your site in a haphazard, unpredictable manner&emdash;which makes site development and maintenance so much more difficult! Even the most simplistic starting plancan reduce development and maintenance time, and help you dodge the frustrations resulting from the "no plan" approach....

ASP.NET for Web Designers

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Teaching ASP.NET in a non-linear format that creative thinkers can easily grasp and understand without the typical programming jargon. Provides clear and concise, hands-on, real-world examples right from the beginning of the book. The book contains a natural progression by providing foundational information in the opening chapters. Content will be presented with "hands-on" examples so the opening chapters will also be laying the groundwork for more advanced subjects by not only presenting the information but by writing code as well. The middle section of the book covers the key cast members on the .NET stage including HTML Controls, Web Controls and List Controls. The third and final section of the book covers more advanced issues in ASP.NET including data access and security issues....

Distributed Data Applications with ASP.NET, Second Edition

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ASP.NET is a huge advance from previous incarnations of ASP, with one of its goals being pure HTML output that achieves maximum cross-browser compatibility. The server-side event architecture tends to engender this approach, but amid the first flush of excitement it's often forgotten that there's still a place for rich clients and handling data in a multitude of places. Distributed data-driven applications aren't new, but the range of possibilities and ease of development have both increased with the introduction of .NET. This book approaches data management and data applications from several different points of view: Understanding the new .NET data management philosophy for both relational and XML data Grasping the different techniques that it encompasses and how they relate to real-world requirements Exploring the application architecture and design implications of the .NET data management classes Designing distributed data-driven ASP.NET applications......

Pure ASP.NET: A Code Intensive Premium Reference

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Pure ASP.NET is a premium reference for Active Server Pages development in the new Microsoft .NET Framework. Like all books in the Pure Series, Pure Active Server Pages.NET is comprised of 3 parts. Part I Conceptual Reference is a fast-paced primer that covers ASP.NET fundamentals and concepts.Part II Techniques Reference is full of well-commented, commercial-quality code that illustrates practical applications of ASP.NET concepts. Examples are presented in both Visual Basic and C# to appeal to awide variety of programmers. Part III Syntax and Object Reference contains detailed coverage of .NET Namespaces such as System.Web and System.Data that are invaluable to ASP.NET developers....

ASP.NET at Work: Building 10 Enterprise Projects with CDROM

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Discover how to use ASP.NET to build, deploy, and run 10 distributed Web applications that can target any browser on any device ASP.NET provides developers with the functionality they need to create enterprise-level Web applications. This book clearly shows them how to use this framework to create the top ten enterprise applications that they will need for their organizations. To build these applications, Smith explains how to combine the functionality of ASP.NET with products and technologies suchas VB.NET, C#, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2000, WAP, XML, HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The projects include an address book application, a contact manager application, advertising manager, online store, and a Web log analyzer CD-ROMincludes the complete source code for the ten projects, additional resource links, corrections, and FAQs. Companion Web site features a working version of the ten projects built in the book. Microsoft Technologies .NET......

Beginning Dynamic Websites : with ASP.NET Web Matrix (Programmer to Programmer)

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What is this book about? With this book and Web Matrix, you'll be developing your own powerful ASP.NET websites in no time. You'll start at the beginning, learning how to create graphical web pages in Web Matrix. Then you'll use Visual Basic .NET and databases to add the dynamic features usually seen in expensive commercial websites. You'll finish by looking at some of the expert ASP.NET features — writing our own controls and web services. Even if you've never programmed before, this book will take you right into the world of professional web development. You'll be amazed at how easy it is and how much you can do. What does this book cover? With this book, you will learn how to Go further than just static HTML websites, by using a programming language. We will get you building real dynamic websites right from the beginning Change the content of your pages quickly and easily by using databases. With this book, you'll......

ASP.NET Solutions - 23 Case Studies: Best Practices for Developers

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Microsoft ASP.NET Fast & Easy Web Development

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Don't spend your time wading through manuals to learn ASP .NET. Spend it doing what you do best--creating Web pages! Begin with an introduction to the .NET initiative, and then work your way through the concepts of ASP .NET, Visual Basic .NET, and ADO .NET. By the time you finish, you'll be using ASP .NET to create custom applications. Combining easy-to-understand instructions with visual examples, Microsoft ASP .NET Fast & Easy Web Development offers a unique, hands-on approach to ASP .NET that you won't find anywhere else!...

XML for ASP.NET Developers

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Programming Data Driven Web Applications with ASP.NET

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Programming Data-Driven Web Applications with ASP.NET provides readers with a solid understanding of ASP.NET and how to effectively integrate databases with their Web sites. The key to making information instantly available on the Web is integrating the Web site and the database to work as one piece. The authors teach this using ASP.NET, server-side controls, ADO+, XML, and SOAP. The authors will teach readers how to manage data by using ASP.NET forms, exposing data through ASP+ Web Services, working with BLOBs, and using cookies and other features to secure their data....