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 SSAS performance maintenance powershell script with AggregationDesign.DesignAggregations  [new]

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Всем привет.

Занимался кто-нибудь еще таким? ))


hey there.

currently i am thinking about how to establish some basic aggregations level in our system, especially with respect to


After the aggregation has been created, if the structure of a cube ever changes, or if data is added to or changed in a cube's source tables, it is usually necessary to review the cube's aggregations and process the cube again.

It has occurred that there were some efforts in order to solve the problem which use

AggregationDesign.DesignAggregations Method (Double, Double, Int64, Boolean) method


With some corrections the script seems to be a working one (and i am going to enrich it with the second usage log designaggregations method) but perhaps there are some more current approaches to the problem - please advise if there are
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