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 Oracle DBA Вакансия  [new]

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добрый день!
Открыта вакансия для Senior Oracle DBA специалиста на долгосрочный проект в Москве.
∙ Provide technical guidance and assistance either as required or as part of longer term engagements with key customers
∙ Monitoring customer's critical systems for incidents, identify operations issues and problems, supporting in problem resolution
∙ Provide alternative temporary workarounds to technical problems in customer's Oracle systems
∙ Provide proactive technical advices to avoid possible future issues.
∙ Document work delivered to customers
∙ Plan and document Oracle service activities in the assigned accounts, drive their execution and communicate their status to senior customer
Professional Competencies:
∙ Adapting to change
∙ Communication
∙ Customer Focus
∙ Problem Solving
∙ Quality
∙ Planning & Organizing
∙ Teamwork
Previous Experience:
∙ Minimum of 6 years of DBA experience with supporting/managing production and non-production databases, confirmed by at least Oracle Certified Associate exam.
∙ Advising on design of high availability solutions and design of physical data storage, maintenance, access and security administration
∙ Optimizing Oracle software environment for optimum configuration, its performance and availability, achieving cost efficiency
∙ Experience with complex incident diagnostics and resolutions in multivendor and multi-technology environments
∙ Leading one or more IT change management project(s) where Oracle technology was involved
∙ Communicating with and presenting to senior IT management on various aspects of running IT systems/projects
Technical knowledge
∙ Oracle Database 9i, 10g, 11g, 12с
∙ Oracle Real Application Cluster
∙ Oracle Data guard and Oracle Recovery Manager
∙ Advanced performance tuning and optimization techniques
∙ Strong UNIX skills and MS Windows operating system knowledge

За более детальной информации обращайтесь! anna.f@dwi-c.com

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 Re: Oracle DBA Вакансия  [new]

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если не укажите зарплатную вилку, сообщение удалят
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 Re: Oracle DBA Вакансия  [new]

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http://www.sql.ru/forum/1031985/off-pismo-prishlo-iz-dwi-consulting-mozhet-nado-komu?hl=anna dwi com
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 Re: Oracle DBA Вакансия  [new]

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6500$ достойная зарплата * 62 = 403000
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