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Why I Developed SQL Code Guard: A Fairy Tale from a DBA

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Автор: locky

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

About ten years ago, I realized I was spending more than 75% of my business day writing T-SQL code. It was cool – yet awful at the same time! Cool ‘cause I became a ReAl TsQl GuY :) and awful as I had no good tools to do my job better. When I was working with C++, Delphi – even Borland Pascal – I had a wide range of code-proofing tools. But T-SQL doesn’t have ANY! Yes, we had MSBPA (SQL Server 2000 Best Practices Analyzer) - but it was impossible to use it in everyday development or continuous integration processes.

Therefore, as a TRUE programmer, I made the only sensible decision – to create my own tool! With bells and whistles, of course. And furthermore, I’ve made the tool available to the SQL community for free!

It took quite a lot of time to make the dream come true, but one fine day it was finally done, and now SQL Code Guard (SCG) is born!

So, what does it do?

Read more at sqlcodeguard.blogspot.com


  • >>SQL Server 2000 Best Practices Analyzer

    уже давненько имеются MBSA, MBCA и SQL Server BPA для MSSQL 2012 ))

  • Если я не ошибаюсь, то эти инструменты анализируют неприятности в конфигурации системы/скуля, а не ошибки в исходном кодем процедур етк.
    SCG же проверят именно исходные тексты объектов (ну, технически это не совсем точно) на предмет ошибок.
    проверка сорцов была в MSBPA2000, но отвалилась уже в MSBPA2005

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