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Configuring Oracle ASM in Solaris Container with Solaris Volume Manager.

We have learned how to configure Oracle in ASM in Solaris Container. For this we setup our container with raw device access. While this works good it is not good idea to expose device names into container. Virtualized OS administrator should not know about devices in global container. And being attached to special device is not giving flexibility. In this exercise we will migrate from raw device onto SMV metadevice. читать дальше...
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Configuration example of Oracle ASM in Solaris Container.

Configuration example of Oracle ASM in Solaris Container.

In this post I will give you a tip on how to setup Oracle ASM in Solaris Container. The main point of container's configuration is to set proper privileges. Your container should have proc_priocntl (must) and proc_lock_memory (highly recommended) privileges in order to function properly with ASM in it. Use the following as an configuration example when creating container and adjust it for your needs. Please read comments inlined:


# container will be named zone1

# make sure that directory /zones exist and have permissions 700

set zonepath=/zones/zone1

set autoboot=true

set limitpriv=default,proc_priocntl,proc_lock_memory

set scheduling-class="FSS"

set max-shm-memory=16G

# use ip-type exclusive at your wish, non-exclusive is also possible

set ip-type=exclusive

add net

set physical=e1000g1


add fs

set dir=/usr/local

# make sure /opt/zone1/local exist

set special=/opt/zone1/local

set type=lofs


add fs

# mount /distro from global zone into container.

# I have Oracle distribution files there

set dir=/distro

set special=/distro

set type=lofs

add options [ro]


# this device will be used for ASM inside container

add device

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Configuration example of Oracle ASM on Solaris.

In this example you will see how to configure Oracle ASM on Solaris.

The following system will be used in this example: Sun T5220 with attached 6140 array, Solaris 10 (10/08) and Oracle 11.

Briefly, Oracle Database installation steps can be performed as five separate steps:

  1. Install Oracle binaries only

  2. Install Oracle patchset

  3. Configuring ASM

  4. Configuring Listener

  5. Database Creation

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