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Script to check CPU cores ownership on Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise T-Series systems

There are few scripts in my test lab which I am using while running tests. While most of them are very specific, there is one which may be of interest for you. This script allows you to verify if any CPU core is shared between two or more logical domains. читать дальше...
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too many cpu for me

When you are creating Oracle Database using templates/examples from the Oracle Database distribution you may fail with ORA-00018: maximum number of sessions exceeded. This can happen on a systems with Niagara chip. It seems that it have too many CPUs (virtual ones). Quick workaround is to turn off most of them at this time:

# psradm -f 16-255

Then create database and turn them back.

# psradm -n 16-255

Your system may have not so many (256) vCPUs. I faced the same problem with 64 vCPU and solution works for me.

The same trick works for Oracle Application Server reporting ORA-00371: not enough shared pool memory. Confirmed by Alexey, such trick is working.

Update: Glenn Fawcett offers another solution, suggesting to set CPU_COUNT on systems that have large number of vcpu's.

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