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Встреча Moscow OpenSolaris User Group

For those who can't read Russian: This is about local Moscow OpenSolaris User Group event. Sorry for being quiet so long. Working on certification and benchmarking...still.

Приглашаю всех заинтересованных на очередную встречу Moscow OpenSolaris User Group.

Помимо интересных технических рассказов об OpenSolaris у вас будет возможность встретиться с представителями теперь уже Oracle и услышать что мы делали и будем делать в плане поддержки компаний ISV (Independent Software Vendors).

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OpenSolaris build 128 now availble - zfs dedup in it

I've being waiting for this update to try deduplication of zfs. Being knowing that a lot of files will be written as result of image update I set zfs compression including rpool file system (except swap and dump) before doing update. Zfs compression on my home files already being for one month and proved to save space/time/power. читать дальше...
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OpenSolaris build 01111111: what is interesting

It is second week I am running OpenSolaris build 127. Why important? It contains support of Solaris 10 branded zones. We did a lot of testing (especially RDBMS) running in Branded Zones. So now you may run your old applications and use modern features of OpenSolaris. Continue reading Solaris10-Branded Zone Developer Guide. Start using OpenSolaris now.
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Ordinary user impressions of OpenSolaris updated to build 126

Its being a while since my last blog. And since many projects still in progress I will share my impression about recent build of OpenSolaris b126.

I am long time user of OpenSolaris. This is my tool for everyday work and I have it on my notebook. But still I am just a user, a little of admin, totally not a developer of this system. OpenSolaris 2009.06 was a major milestone with most every features polished to that date. But some was not as good as I wanted them to be. So I came a long road of updating to dev builds. I had all of them starting from 116 till 126. In every build there were improvements as well as new bugs. Only starting with 126 I can say that I feel good about it.

So here is the list why go dev and what you should be ready to. I am not writing in which release bug was fixed. Consider this as a "diff 111a 126" and I am not pretend to show all diff, this is only what is sensitive to me:

  • Firefox was beta in 2009.06 and bunch of needed addons does not work in this beta. That was first reason why I started to go dev. Probably I can go updating applications only, but I decided to have whole system recent. Firefox is 3.5.3 now.
  • System monitor applet had disk activity broken, but now it is fine.
  • Overwall system performance (Compiz at maximum visual, Firefox) performs much better. This is purely subjective.
  • Sound subsystem has changed. Keyboard beep annoying my coworkers. Did not get how to mute it or lower volume perm...
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Настройка GPRS модема в OpenSolaris

На моем ноутбуке до сих пор существуют две операционные системы. Первая — OpenSolaris build 118, в ней я постоянно работаю. И вторая — ее я использую для доступа в интернет на даче, а еще в ней установлен антивирус. Не первый раз возник вопрос, а нужна ли мне та вторая, может я смогу настроить модем в OpenSolaris?

Немного нагуглив я нашел руководство по настройке Nokia E71 в Vodafone UK. Остается все это переделать для SonyEricsson K750i в МТС.

приступаем, делаем ссылку для телефона и создаем файлы настроек.

# ln -s /dev/term/0 /dev/se750i
# touch /etc/ppp/options
# cat /etc/ppp/mts-chat
'' 'ATZ'
'OK' 'AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet"'
'OK' 'ATD*99#'

# cat /etc/ppp/peers/mts
user "mts"
connect "/usr/bin/chat -V -t15 -f /etc/ppp/mts-chat"

# echo 'mts * mts *' >> /etc/ppp/pap-secrets

# pppd call mts
CONNECTSerial connection established.
Using interface sppp0
Connect: sppp0 <--> /dev/se750i
LCP: Rcvd Code-Reject for Identification id 223
Remote message: Congratulations!
local IP address
remote IP address
primary DNS address
secondary DNS address

для обрыва сеанса просто Ctrl-C
^CTerminating on signal 2.
Connection terminated.
Connect time 8.6 minutes.
Sent 78100 by...
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Oracle database 10gR2 is certified with Solaris 10 ZFS

Oracle Database 10gR2 ( and higher patches) Single Instance (not RAC) is certified with Solaris 10 ZFS on SPARC 64-bit. Please read Solaris ZFS_Best_Practices_Guide. You may need to limit ARC cache.

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Adobe Reader 9.1 for Solaris and OpenSolaris x86.

Get in now


to install run as root on Solaris or do pfexec on OpenSolaris:

    $ chmod +x AdbeRdr9.1.0-1_i486solaris_enu.bin 
    $ pfexec ./AdbeRdr9.1.0-1_i486solaris_enu.bin 
    Extracting files, please wait. (This may take a while depending on the configuration of your machine) 
    This installation requires 171 MB of free disk space. 
    Enter installation directory for Adobe Reader 9.1.0 [/opt] 
    Installing platform independent files ... Done 
    Installing platform dependent files ... Done 
    Setting up libraries ... Done 
    Setting up desktop and menu icons ... Done 
    Setting up the browser plugin ... Done 

And you will get it on the system as well as Firefox plugin.

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Configuring Oracle ASM in Solaris Container with Solaris Volume Manager.

We have learned how to configure Oracle in ASM in Solaris Container. For this we setup our container with raw device access. While this works good it is not good idea to expose device names into container. Virtualized OS administrator should not know about devices in global container. And being attached to special device is not giving flexibility. In this exercise we will migrate from raw device onto SMV metadevice. читать дальше...
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