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Oracle Database Single Instance на ZFS: учимся готовить.

Oracle Database Single Instance на ZFS: учимся готовить.

Очень полезный и хороший обзор различных методов хранения для Oracle Database сделал Дмитрий Волков. Однако есть некоторые неточности касательно ZFS и здесь я приведу правильные значения. Отдельно коснусь и проблемы фрагментации. Я предполагаю, что концепции ZFS вам хорошо знакомы.

Если ваш выбор уже пал на ZFS, то готовим ее так:

Для начала, крайне рекомедую начитаться документации, прежде чем начать использовать ZFS (как, впрочем, и что-либо еще). Ищем whitepaper: «Configuring Oracle Solaris ZFS for an Oracle Database» и внимательно читаем. Сейчас ее можно взять здесь. Еще читаем http://www.solarisinternals.com/wiki/index.php/ZFS_for_Databases. В итоге имеем, что:

  • Необходимо установить параметр recordzise каждой файловой системы (ФС) еще до создания на ней файлов данных. Recordsize ФС должен быть равен db_block_size базы данных. В общем случае, данные и индексы могут лежать на одной ФС с recordsize=8k; redo, undo, temp и archivelog на других ФС с recordsize=128k. Пул дисков может быть общим для всех ФС.

  • Необходимо установть параметр logbias ФС в значение throughput для файлов данных и в значение latency для redo.

  • Желательно установить параметр primarycache в значение metadata для ФС с undo и archivelog. Таким образом отключить излишнее кеширование данных.

  • Желательно о...

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OpenSolaris build 128 now availble - zfs dedup in it

I've being waiting for this update to try deduplication of zfs. Being knowing that a lot of files will be written as result of image update I set zfs compression including rpool file system (except swap and dump) before doing update. Zfs compression on my home files already being for one month and proved to save space/time/power. читать дальше...
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Oracle database 10gR2 is certified with Solaris 10 ZFS

Oracle Database 10gR2 ( and higher patches) Single Instance (not RAC) is certified with Solaris 10 ZFS on SPARC 64-bit. Please read Solaris ZFS_Best_Practices_Guide. You may need to limit ARC cache.

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Monitoring ZFS Statistic on the system loaded with Oracle database

Nothing happens without a reason. My previous post about Monitoring ZFS Statistic is not exception. This week I had T5240 (128 threads, 64GB memory, Solaris 10 10/08 aka U6) with 6140 attached and not loaded with other my projects. So I decided to load the boxes with Oracle on ZFS (binaries, datafiles, logs) and run some tests. Not a benchmarking. Just to check if this can live and breathe. I also wanted to check the battle for the memory between Oracle SGA (set to 32GB), 3800 processes connecting to database (taking approx. 5MB not shared memory each) and ZFS.

On storage I have made single 1TB RAID1 LUN and put ZFS on it. No data/logs of ZFS separation. Keeping it simple.

root@rac05#zpool list
oracle  1016G   243G   773G    23%  ONLINE  -

Arcstat script was modified a little further (lines 82, 177, 229 and 230) so I don't have too many zeros in statistics by going up from bytes to MB. Download new arcstat script and description file for dimstat.

 81 my $version = "0.1";
 82 my $mega = 1024 * 1024;
 83 my $cmd = "Usage: arcstat.pl [-hvx] [-f fields] [-o file] [interval [count]]\n";
171 sub prettynum {
172     my @suffix=(' ','K', 'M', 'G', 'T', 'P', 'E', 'Z');
173     my $num = $_[1] || 0;
174     my $sz = $_[0];
175     my $index = 0;
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Monitoring ZFS Statistic

By combining two great tools arcstat and dimstat you can get ZFS statistics in:

  • table view

  • chart view

  • any date/time interval

  • host to host compare

For example, online table and chart view

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Quick and easy way to setup Guest Logical Domains using ZFS clone.

Question: I want to install more than one guest domain. Is there any way to speedup process.

Answer: Yes, sure.

This instruction can be used as supplimental to «Run your first Logical Domain in 10 minutes» as well as a separate guide.

  1. First setup the Control Domain and install the First Guest Domain ldg1. Use ZFS volume (In example, data/demo/ldg1) as back end drive for the system drive of guest domain. You can install Solaris either through a Network Install or by mounting a DVD or ISO file.

  2. Log in to the First guest domain Console and do 'sys-unconfig' in the domain.

  3. # sys-unconfig
    This program will unconfigure your system.  It will cause it
    to revert to a "blank" system - it will not have a name or know
    about other systems or networks.
    This program will also halt the system.
    Do you want to continue (y/n) ? y
  4. Wait for the system to come down and answer h — halt.

  5.  svc.startd: The system is down. 
     syncing file systems... done 
     Program terminated 
      r)eboot, o)k prompt, h)alt?  h

  6. From Control domain verify that guest domain ldg1 is stopped.

  7.  # ldm ls 
     primary active -n-cv SP 4 4G 0.5% 1h 30m 
     ldg1 bound ----- 5000 14 1984M 
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