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 DB2 Advanced Copy Services & DB2 Linux, Unix and Windows HADR Simulator use case  [new]
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DB2 Linux, Unix and Windows HADR Simulator use case and troubleshooting guide:
Although DB2 high availability disaster recovery (HADR) is billed as a feature that's easy to set up, customers often have problems picking the right settings for their environment. This Developer works article is a use case, and it shows how you can use the HADR simulator tool to configure and troubleshoot your HADR configuration in a real-world scenario.

DB2 Advanced Copy Services:
DB2 Advanced Copy Services (DB2 ACS) , available in DB2 10.5 makes it possible for customers to implement shell scripts instead of C-libraries. The feature supports all three architectures of DB2: enterprise server, multipartitioned databases using the database partitioning feature (DPF), and databases using pureScale.
This Developerworks article is the first part of a series which provides an introduction to this feature and presents some real-life examples.

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