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 Senior DevOps_remote  [new]

Откуда: Москва
Сообщений: 34
Comany: SkuVault
Salary: 3500-4800 USD
Location: Remote

SkuVault sets new standards in eCommerce industry and Warehouse Management. Our SaaS highload application (10 gigs of logs per day) allows small and middle businesses around the whole globe to grow and stay competitive in eCommerce world. We have over 960+ clients spread globally.

We offer:
Salary range: 3500-4800 USD
Location: remotely
We require an employee to have ИП. Rates are hourly ($20-30).

Stack and Requirements:

Apart from love-hate relationship with Azure, we work (and expect you to be familiar) with the following buzzwords:

• Azure: cloud services, networks, RM resources on Linux and Windows;
• Bare metal: Linux and Windows;
• Product runs and is being developed on Windows;
• Development stack: .Net 4x, .Net Core;
• Service infrastructure:

log stack: elasticsearch + kibana + elastalert;
telemetry stack: influxdb + grafana + bulitin grafana alerts;

• Assembly infrastructure: Jenkins on Windows;
• Terraform, Salt, Jenkins Pipelines, Docker.

We expect you to:

• Provide environments that developers use working uninterrupted;
• Troubleshoot together with developers;
• Setup and deploy telemetry;
• Support and help with production releases, as well as gather metrics and logs that signal that we have no issues;
• Overall be proactive about telemetry and alarms on app / server states;
• Help Azure get better, when it starts feeling blue and nauseous;
• Write bots on whatever-is-suitable for alarms in Telegram/Slack, scripts to update or pulling the data out, literally anything :)
• Leading the infrastructure design for new features, build, and manage highly secure and scalable sites/software for the business.
• Promoting documentation and implementing systems infrastructure best practices and building tools.
• Leadership/Supervisor: oversee and guide all activities of the junior DevOps folks.

Contact: @it_fairy in Telegram or e-mail: it.fairy100@gmail.com
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 Re: Senior DevOps_remote  [new]

Откуда: Город герой Ленинград
Сообщений: 31622
Rates are hourly ($20-30).
с таким рейтом - в Индию!
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 Re: Senior DevOps_remote  [new]

Сообщений: 501
Блин 350к всего за работу через ИП....
Ну так себе развлечение.

Есть подозрение что и индийцами не сработались (специфичные они)

Product runs and is being developed on Windows;

ТО есть как. МС рвет на себе рубаху показываю какие мы крутые в контейнеризации. Только работайте с нами. А тут такое?

10 Gb per day это ваще не highload
Это можно распарсить проанализировать построит тренды на одном сервере.
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