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 Sybase ASE 12.5 trial  [new]

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кому интересно - АСЕ 12.5Х на загрузочном диске с LINUX

Sybase Germany has created a bootable CD with Linux (Knoppix), containing a preconfigured Developer's Edition of ASE 12.5.x and some GUI tools. You can boot any Windows PC from this CD -- once started, you have ASE running in a Linux environment. Note that your hard disk drives are not used or modified in any way. Instead, Knoppix sets up a RAMdisk from the main memory in the PC; if you want to store data permanently, you could put it on a memory stick.
This CD is an easy and risk-free way to try out ASE for Linux without actually installing Linux. Some screenshots are available at the URLs below.

The CD can be requested from http://www.sybase.de/deutsch/events/LinuxCD_eng.jsp
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