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 Вопрос про JOB  [new]
Андрей Ч.

Откуда: Челябинск
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Имеет ли значение параметр job_queue_processes для JOB в OEM или он относится к JOB которые в базе?
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 Re: Вопрос про JOB  [new]

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Андрей Ч.
job_queue_processes относится к JOB которые в базе
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 Re: Вопрос про JOB  [new]
Андрей Ч.

Откуда: Челябинск
Сообщений: 173
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 Re: Вопрос про JOB  [new]

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The job queue (or SNP) background processes are started when the Oracle instance is started. There are as many SNP processes started as specified in the INIT.ORA parameter JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES. The range of valid values is from 0 to 36, so there can be a maximum of 36 SNP processes per Oracle instance. Under most operating systems, the characters SNP will appear as part of the process name. For example, under UNIX, an Oracle instance called DEV with three job queue processes would show the following process names:

One significant difference between the SNP background processes and other Oracle background processes is that killing an SNP process will not crash the instance. While you’re not likely to want to do this very often, this behavior is useful to know in case a job queue process “runs away” and consumes excessive resources. When an SNP process is killed or fails on its own, Oracle automatically starts a new one to replace it.

Parameter Type:
Default Value:
Range of Values:
 0 to 1000
Real Application Clusters:
 Multiple instances can have different values.
Note: In Oracle9i, the maximum number of job queue processes that can be spawned per instance is 1000. In previous releases, the maximum number was 36. The JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES initialization parameter controls the number of job queue processes.

Читать не вредно, проверено электроникой :)
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