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 Чужме мысли о RAD (VFP, Java, C++)  [new]
Sergey Ch

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Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Rapid Application Development, or RAD, means many different things to many people.
Visual FoxPro is a great RAD tool for two reasons: Prototypes can be created quickly and turned directly into parts of an application, and VFP is just about the fastest way we know
of to build applications.

Prototypes of application components are tremendously useful in the development process. Both developers and users get an opportunity to see what forms will look like and get a feel for the work flow. Working prototypes really help improve a design, particularly when users can work with them. A key word here is working. Looking at screen shots just doesn’t work as well as working with actual forms, filling in fields and clicking buttons. Many C++ development shops like to use Visual Basic or Bongo for creating prototypes. But then they have to throw away their work and do it over again in C++. Yes, it is still faster than trying to prototype in C++, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply put the finished prototypes into a project
and add code to them? You can do this with Visual FoxPro. Visual FoxPro is as good at prototyping as either VB or Bongo, but unlike VB or Bongo, the finished prototype is fully usable Visual FoxPro code.

We can’t quantify Visual FoxPro’s development speed, but Gary relates one experience that demonstrates just how fast it can be: "My company has two development teams, one working in VFP and one in Java. When I started on a major project, I was a year behind the three-man Java team. There was just me on the VFP team to develop a similar application. They had more than 400 SQL Server stored procedures written already. Since my application had to work on a VFP back end as well as SQL Server, I couldn’t use any of those stored procedures and had to reproduce all the functionality on my own. For one very complicated area, I even attempted to duplicate the object strategy used in the Java version in the hope that it would save me time, as I had quite a bit of Java experience. After working with it for more than a month, I threw it out completely and did my own from scratch. Despite that lost month, my project was completed nine months before the Java team’s! I would love to say this happened because I’m faster than a speeding bullet, but the truth is that Visual FoxPro made me look like a star. Considering their manpower and time allotment, Visual FoxPro allowed me to complete my application nine times faster and produce six times the revenue at about one-tenth the cost."

Copyright 2000 by Chuck Urwiler, Gary DeWitt, Mike Levy, and Leslie Koorhan. All Rights Reserved.
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 Re: Чужме мысли о RAD (VFP, Java, C++)  [new]

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