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Имя tkeybiz
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E-Mail: скрыт
Откуда: 🏢 Moscow, United Arab Emirates
Работа: Software development
Информация: TKEY DMCC (formerly Holding BR) is an IT company engaged in the development of modern solutions for the economic and public spheres of activity.

The Holding's division in the cities of Moscow and Dubai are it companies engaged in the development of modern solutions for the economic and social spheres of activity.

Since 2017, the group of companies has been actively developing the direction of software development for payment systems, banking and financial sector.

We are looking to the future, so we are actively developing our solutions based on the concepts of machine learning, artificial intelligence, distributed registry technologies, peer-to-peer and neural networks.

The creation of reliable economic systems that balance the long-term interests of investors, developers, business and civil society is a key task of the group-companies.

Our fundamental principles are cooperation, mutual assistance, commitment, equality, justice, democracy and solidarity.

"We can't extend everyone's life, but we can do a lot to make everyone's life more effective." ©
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